When and Who?

The culinary journalists’ association was founded in 1968, with Arne
as its first president. The association emerged from a group
of friends and colleagues of different areas of expertise. They had been meeting in the years following World War II to inform one another
reliably and neutrally about food and drink subjects which, in those
times, were themes of lesser interest in the press world. Topics of
interest were: the redeveloping German gastronomy, the development
of the food industry and the German Nutrition Society, which was in
the process of adapting their pre-war data to the new and unfamiliar
products of growing imports as well as genetically modified basic foods.

From the beginning, the president – a trained chef of French Haute
Cuisine – urged: “Don’t forget gourmet delights!” Under his influence
the work group, meanwhile renamed FECFood Editors Club – became
the German department of FIPREGA (Fédération International de la Presse


Today, the most important journalists, freelancers as well as those
working in editorial departments, authors and photographers who
occupy themselves with food and drink topics, table culture, nutritional
science and related areas, are part of the FEC.

Their endeavour has always been to keep a balance of culinary delights
on the one hand and the ever-evolving knowledge of food and their
manufacture on the other.

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